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Workplace Management

In workplace management the various elements that consist a workplace, namely space, ways of working, ict, support services and the look and feel, are developed simultaneously. With workplace management it's possible to improve space usage and bring significant savings in real estate costs. Workplace management can also increase the productivity and well-being of employees.

The need for a modern workplace management is largely due to the fast development of our electronic devices that have consequently changed the way we work. The change is visible everywhere and the offices designed some decades ago no longer support our work in the best possible way.

Workplace management is always based on the organization's processes, needs and long-term goals. Typically, organizations want to achieve economic benefits, increase co-operation, enhance knowledge sharing , speed up the changeover to electronic practices and make the office look modern and attractive both for staff and customers, as well as in the eyes of stakeholders.

To succeed workplace magement requires effort from the entire organization

Management's task together with experts is to consider how the workplace can advance the implementation of strategy. Management sets targets for the development and, ultimately, makes the necessary decisions and policies.

Changes in workplace can be a major concern for employees. In well executed projects, the employees are involved in the process. Usually the more actively the employees can participate, the easier the change.

Change management ensures the desired result

In order for workplace management to meet its objectives, the project requires the support from professional change management, active communication and forming or at least updating the office etiquette. In all of these, help from experts reduces the managements' burden and ensures a successful outcome in their part.

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