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Togetherness is essential and motivating, so why would we kill off the office?

"The constant factor that ensures offices will always exist, in some form or other is the human they serve. We know that because, as Tom Allen proved at MIT in the 1980s, people communicate less well the greater the physical distance between them. Now new research from Stanford University shows how the very idea of ‘togetherness’ can have a significant impact on the way people perform." writes Workplace Insight.

How To Create An Open Office That Is More Awesome For Both Introverts And Extroverts

Open office layouts can suck--but they don't have to. In part two of Fast Company's office design series, senior editor Anjali Mullany talks with workplace experts about how to turn your collaborative space into super productive real estate. "But I believe that the problem with Fast Company's office isn't that we have a mostly open office layout. The problem with our office is that we haven't approached our open office layout the right way."

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Our lovely summertime workers

Sara Kokko (top left corner), is currently studying interior architecture and furniture design at the Aalto university school of Arts, Design and Architecture. In the field of workplace design, Sara is particulary interested in projecting a company’s image in a space. Her thesis on the subject awoke her curiosity and inspired her to apply to Workspace.

Katariina Salo (top right corner), only a thesis short from graduating to be an interior architect, is wrapping up her studies at the Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences. During her studies, Katariinas interests lay towards fitting together the space and branding of a company, and she wishes to learn more about the topic during her internship at Workspace.

Kreetta Airila (bottom left corner) is a recent interior architecture graduate from Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Institute of fine arts and design. Before that Kreetta has also completed an interior artisan degree and will be joining Sara in the masters program this fall at Aalto university. Kreetta had no previous experience in workplace design, but was eager to take on new design challenges. Kreetta is intrigued by participative designing and working within Workshops.

Olivia Saxen (bottom right corner) studied to be an interior designer in Australia, at Griffith university, but a summer placement within the design team at Workspace got her to return back home to Finland. Olivia brings international perspective and knowledge to the projects and wishes to learn more about the nordic design culture during her summer employment. Olivia and Sara both share a common interest and knowledge towards graphic design as well as interior design.


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Tia gives a different perspective

A skillful add to our interiorior design team is Tia Hämäläinen, an interior architect and designer from Lahti Institute of Design. Above all she sees interior design as a process which main purpose is to help the client - to work better and hopefully also to see the world from a different perspective.

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